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A Basic Overview of SEO – Search Engine Optimization

To get a basic overview of SEO it helps to understand the business goals, what the search engines want, and what your SEO specialist will do.

OVERVIEW: Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a service that helps your business be found on the Internet when people are searching with some specific search terms.

To better understand what this means and what an SEO specialist will actually do – it helps to understand the business person’s goals, what “optimization” means to the search engines, and the different techniques a SEO specialist will conduct.

The Goal of SEO

The goal is to “optimize” your website for the search engines. If someone is search for products, services, or even information that you provide you want your website to show up in their search results.

What Optimization Means

The search engines will read through every page of your website and index or match certain keywords/phrases with certain pages. If a web page or blog post is relevant, i.e. the terminology used on the page is relevant to the title, sub-titles, descriptions, and even pictures. Optimization is a fine line of using just the right amount of relevant words vs spamming or using black-hat technique to trick the search engines.

SEO Techniques

SEO can be accomplished by a number of different techniques but basically the terms that you hope someone is using to search for your business is contained somewhere or in multiple places on your website. For example WWW Enterprises offers Search Engine Optimization services and that term appears on the home page, on our services page, and here in this blog post and future blog posts and web pages.

There is not one way to optimize a website, but it is usually most beneficial to add or update content on the website regularly (as in monthly or even more frequently).

In addition to what is written on the web page and the indexing by the search engines, it is also very important to help drive traffic to your website via social media, email marketing, and advertising.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is marketing.

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