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What is the WWW Enterprises (W3E) Partner Program?

What Happens When a Client Needs
Something You Don’t Offer?

You miss out on additional revenue from your current clients!

Discover how you can add significant additional profits and generate recurring revenue without adding equipment, increasing overhead, or adding employees.

With the W3E Partner Program, you can create immediate and residual income while increasing customer loyalty by offering digital marketing solutions – websites, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. Your customers need to buy these services from someone; why shouldn’t they buy from you? W3E will provide our high quality sales and customer service, which allows you to add these services as an extension to your company. No technical skills required!

If You Are Not Offering Digital Marketing Services, Like

Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization
Now Is the Time To Seriously Consider Providing These Services.


You Have Several Options

You can build the service yourself

Hire staff, train them, etc.

You can work with an offshore partner

Overcoming culture and language differences can be a nightmare

You can partner with W3E and their US based team!

W3E is the best option because:

  • We are a US-company providing these services successfully to clients for 19 years. With vast experience with all types of companies, we know small business; what they want and need and how to provide it to them with professionalism.
  • We have all these digital marketing services under one roof, allowing us to help your customers understand the nuances of digital marketing and how to use it to their best advantage.
  • You do not need to invest in more people, knowledge, products, or equipment with W3E as your partner.
  • We do the discovery call with your clients (if you would like), we provide a standard form to collect client information, we provide recommendations and an estimate, we design and develop the solution, and support your customer through the whole process. We can even support your client indefinitely.
  • Then we invoice you at Partner Pricing and you invoice your client at Retail and retain the difference. This provides immediate income from the initial solution sale as well as ongoing residual profits for annual and periodic charges – for an average of 12.5 years.
    • Note: Our experience is that a client will stay with us for an average of 12.5 years and in that period, they will do major revisions to their website at least 3 times


With the W3E Partner Program, you pay a one-time set up fee of $299 and a low $29.95 monthly fee: waived in any month that you place an order for a new service, and you get the following.

  • Low wholesale prices on all services
  • U.S.- based hosting, support, design, and development team

Why do we charge a monthly fee? Because we know that if you are not invested in the program, you will quickly stop talking to your customers about their digital needs and everyone will lose – you, your clients, and us. No one wants that to happen. But we also do not want to penalize active Partners, so we will waive the low monthly fee in any month a new service is ordered.

Let's Talk Opportunity...
What Does the Landscape Look Like?

1. New Sites
According to the SBA, of the 33 million businesses in the U.S., only 71% percent of businesses now have a website in 2024. As crazy as that sounds today, it’s true. Of those surveyed, 58% of those who didn’t have a site said they wanted one but knowing where to start and expense were too big of a hurdle to overcome. As a trusted vendor, you are in a prime position to provide a digital solution that will help them get started now and grow with them in the future.
2. Existing Sites
Companies redesign and redevelop their websites on average once every 3-5 years. As a business owner, you know firsthand how quickly things can change. Personnel, hours of operation, product lines, product availability, etc. all change on a regular basis. Being able to update your website to accurately reflect the current state of your business is a luxury that is typically afforded to big businesses with an inhouse IT and marketing department. As a champion of small businesses, our goal is to make this luxury available to all. If your clients are struggling to keep their site up-to-date or their websites just aren’t functioning at a level that helps them compete in today’s marketplace, you can now help. 75% of our partner sales are with clients who want to revamp, update and redo their existing site.
3. Marketing
A website that is never seen is about as good as a billboard in the middle of the ocean. Twenty years ago, we could confidently tell customers that if they had a website, it would generate leads. Today there are more than 1.09 billion websites competing for customer views. If your customer has confided in you that they don’t get many leads and/or sales from the website or social media, it’s time to step in and do a marketing review. If they are not regularly posting content on social media, adding new, relevant content to their site, and sending consistent messaging to their list of clients via email, it could be a marketing problem, not a website problem or it could be both.
Whether it is creating a new site or modifying an existing site and providing marketing services, your customers need these digital services. And they need them from you.

Research conducted by Gartner, Inc. has shown that campaigns across 4+ channels outperform dual-channel campaigns by 300%. What does this mean? It means that when promoting something (a product, service, sale, etc.) in 4 separate places, it’s going to be 3 times as successful as if you only promoted it in 2 places. These channels can be email, website, direct mail, social media, search ads, radio... the list goes on. As one of the final checkpoints to the marketing campaigns your customers are running, you have a unique opportunity to offer additional ways to promote what they are sending out. If your client is sending a direct mail piece, encourage them to turn it into a social campaign as well or add a custom URL to the piece for tracking; sending them to custom landing pages rather than the company’s HOME page is far more effective.

We’ve Made Adding Digital Marketing Services To Your Client Offering As Easy As

Signing up to become a Partner

Signing up is easy. Complete the Partner form and make your one-time setup fee of $299 plus your $29.95 monthly Partner fee.

Starting to talk to your existing clients about their digital marketing needs.

48 hours after signing up, we’ll provide you with some super helpful questions to ask your existing clients. We will also provide you with a list of information to gather from your client, or we can do this via discovery call.

Setting up a discovery call, introducing us as part of your team.

We’ll handle the rest. As you market these new services, your clients are going to want to see how you can help them. When the question arises you simply respond with “I’d like to introduce you to our digital marketing director” and we’ll take it from there. We will handle the meeting set up, solution discussion, proposal, and follow up. And you are welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Sending a Quote

Once we have decided on the project scope, within 5 business days you will receive a detailed price list for what we recommend. You can review that with your client and work with them on how to proceed. Once you communicate the final plan, W3E will invoice the Partner for the project. One exception: Online ads will require a client credit card, so this will have to be a direct client charge to the advertising platform (i.e. Google, etc.) Partner will sign a contract for each service ordered.

Sending an Invoice

Once we’ve closed the deal, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to invoice your client for and when. With digital solutions, there is an annual or monthly residual fee with every client. From hosting to marketing services, our a la’ carte services help keep a regular stream of income coming in from each customer. This is a B2B arrangement and you will not be charged sales tax for services. Also, you are free to send W3E a 1099 at the end of the year.

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